4 Simple Tips to Prepare For A DOT Inspection

If you’re a truck driver or own a fleet of trucks, you must prepare for a DOT inspection. This motor vehicle inspection can happen anytime and anywhere. Qualifying this inspection means that your vehicles are safe for travel and business.

On the contrary, failing this inspection can be fatal for your brand image and finances. So, you must be ready with the official paperwork, maintain your vehicles, and check your driver’s credentials.

Contacting a mobile commercial DOT inspection service Prescott Valley, AZ, will help you prepare for the process. To know the other preparation tips, continue reading.

Keep the Paperwork Ready

You can begin the preparation by organizing all the paperwork and necessary documents for the inspection. It includes vehicle documents, licenses, reports, and logs. Review the documents regularly to keep them in order.

Ensure that all your drivers have copies of the documents ready. Also, ask them to store these documents in a designated place inside the truck or vehicle.

Maintaining daily vehicle inspection reports is also a good strategy. During the inspection, you can present these reports to increase your chances of success.

Check Your Driver’s Qualifications

It is important to ensure that all your truck drivers are qualified and skilled. This is important as DOT is very strict about a driver’s qualifications. So, your drivers must contain important qualification documents, which include –

  • Entry-level training documents
  • Previous employment proof
  • Drug/alcohol test reports
  • Road test certifications
  • DOT physical certifications of three years
  • Safety performance documentation

Besides, you must focus on your driver’s driving and safety practices. Make sure they are following all the safety rules regularly. It will help them answer questions and handle any scrutiny during the DOT evaluation.

Maintain Your Vehicles

Along with maintaining the papers, you need to take care of your fleet of vehicles. It is perhaps the most crucial part of the inspection where many vehicles might fail.

To ace the test, here is a simple list of parts and functionalities you must check –

  • Exterior lights
  • Body, frame, and undercarriage situation
  • Glasses, side mirrors, and windshields
  • Fuel leaks
  • Rust check
  • Oil filter
  • Tire pressure
  • Suspension
  • Brakes, clutches, and motors
  • Cooling systems
  • Transmission systems
  • CV joints
  • AC and heating
  • Other electronic systems

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, you must have receipts for all vehicle parts you’ve replaced or fixed. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license, bill of sale, and ownership proof for the truck under inspection.

Moreover, if you wish to buy an abandoned vehicle in Arizona, it will also require inspection, so be prepared.

Perform an In-house Inspection

An excellent way to complete the inspection successfully is to conduct one yourself. Check for cracked lights, broken mirrors, flat tires, and damaged vehicle parts. Then, analyze your engine compartment to understand its condition.

You must also check the horn to ensure everything is on point. So, make sure to keep your vehicles clean, as it forms a good impression on the inspector.

Include other drivers in this inspection to help them prepare better.

Summing Up

Before availing of the facilities of a mobile commercial DOT inspection service Prescott Valley, AZ, talk to your drivers. Understand their driving behavior and habits and how well they think they’re prepared for the inspection.

It will help you give them more pointers and assistance.

Always ask your team to be confident and calm during the DOT evaluation process. It will enable them to answer the inspection officer’s questions properly.