4 Common Reasons to See a Dental Hygienist

Perfect oral hygiene is crucial not only for your overall health but also for appearances, particularly in today’s society where everybody is self-conscious about their looks. Gum infection, disease, bone loss, strokes, heart disease, and other dental and health issues could all be caused by poor oral hygiene. Whereas it is suggested that everybody sees a dental hygienist not less than once or twice a year, keeping up with dental checkups could be challenging at times. Whatever your reasons for not seeing the hygienist as frequently as you should, you must be aware that frequent checkups at your local clinic are essential for keeping your mouth healthy. Temecula dental hygienist Dr. Phillip Chien outlines five reasons why you should visit a dental hygienist often. Read on:

  1.     For Preventative Reasons

At Sunshine Dental, Inc., Dr. Chien and his team believe in using precautionary measures whenever possible to avoid unneeded drilling and painful procedures for their patients. Excellent dental hygienist visits will ensure you prevent the risk of oral cancer, bad breath, tooth loss, among other concerns.

  1.     Early Detection of Oral Health Issues

Like any aspect of your health, taking preventative measures can help detect any oral health concerns you might have early. If detected early, damaged fillings, gum infection, bad breath, bleeding gums, and cavities can be quickly addressed. If these issues are not addressed, procedures like root canals, teeth removal, and gum surgery might be the only solutions available. Therefore, ensure that you make time for a dental hygienist visit whenever possible.

  1.     To Maintain Your Teeth Looking White

Most common meals and drinks, as well as cigarettes, will discolor your teeth with time. Fortunately, these stains are generally found on the surface of your teeth and could be eliminated by polishing and scaling. Brushing alone is not enough, and sure, ‘whitening’ toothpaste could harm your teeth, making them more susceptible to discoloration. Dr. Chien employs professional teeth cleaning to address even the most stubborn stains to ensure you enjoy a whiter smile.

  1.     To Check on Your General Dental Health

Although folks are aware of the significance of dental cleanliness, most fail to care for their teeth adequately. It is considered one of those annoyances; as if missing it once or twice will not make a difference. By visual examination and comparison with past visits, your hygienist will guarantee that you are preserving your dental health. If you fall behind on your dental hygiene, they can provide you with the necessary advice on flossing and brushing to uphold excellent dental hygiene.

Simple and minor improvements can have a significant impact. You may believe that you are brushing and flossing twice a day to keep your teeth healthy, but seeing a hygienist has additional specific benefits, such as controlling suitable meals and stress, two crucial aspects in maintaining excellent dental health. Whether chatting with people, laughing, or addressing a crowd, a clean, healthy mouth with a terrific grin boosts your confidence. To schedule an initial consultation with a dental hygienist in Temecula, CA, call Sunshine Dental Inc.’s office or request an appointment online right away.