3 Basic Sneaker Rules You Need to Know Before Buying Sneakers

Buying a pair of sneakers is exciting. However, you need to make sure to purchase the best kicks for you. In this way, you can simply align the shoes’ style and design to its purpose.

What are the shoes you need to choose depending on the event? How can you select the best sneakers? Are there are rules? Find out here for more basic sneakers details to get ready in buying your own kicks.

#1 Always buy sneakers that aligns with your current wardrobe.

When it comes to buying sneakers, never hop on the trend train. This is because it isn’t necessary that the latest model will suit your style, too. Instead, choose shoes that complement what you already have. Don’t purchase shoes only to repurchase your entire wardrobe again.

#2 Wear them to the right occasions.

Even though sneakers are incredibly versatile, they don’t necessarily work at every event. You can easily get away with paring it with casual, unstructured shoes, but they may not suit a wedding or more formal event.

#3 Keep them clean.

If you wish to make the most out of your investment in sneakers, then ensure to maintain them. Clean and disinfect the sneakers to eliminate odors and make them fresh and crisp always.

What are different sneaker types?

Did you know sneakers come in different styles and sizes these days? Here is our take on some popular options:

#1 Basic sneakers

As the name suggests, these are your converse, vans, etc. These types of sneakers come in leather or canvas (if you want color). Typically, basic sneakers are quite affordable, easy to clean/wear, and even comfortable.

#2 Refined luxury sneakers

Refined luxury sneakers have a resemblance to your basic plimsolls but tend to be expensive side. This is because they are often made from suede or leather. These sneakers are something you would want to rock at music festivals.

#3 Classic sports sneakers

This type of sneaker category consists of all old-school sporting greatness like Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump, etc. These shoes were once ready for the track but now are kept as collectibles by enthusiasts.

#4 Modern sports sneakers

These are the classic sports sneaker brands, but with modern styling and shapes. It is harder to pull off modern sports sneakers, thanks to their bulky, unique, and colorful style.

#5 Hiking/trail sneakers

As the name suggests, these are your typical activity shoes that offer great comfort and stability. Back in the days, hiking shoes looked geeky and outdated, but now they are finding their place in mainstream fashion, too.

Signing off

We hope our insights on the basic sneaker principles will help you to dress better. Also, don’t forget to head over to HYB if you wish to purchase the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner