It is with great enthusiasm Rosie and I announce that the following people will be participating in interviews with us for In Other News: Reporters on Reporting.

The book will profile 12 journalists from various beats and backgrounds. Each chapter will focus on a different journalist and share his or her experiences in the field. The book is intended to educate and motivate aspiring and/or working reporters and editors.

Here’s the lineup:

Gilbert Bailon, editor-in-chief, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Christina Bellantoni, editor-in-chief, Roll Call

Michael J. Berens, Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter, Chicago Tribune

Geoff Edgers, national arts reporter, The Washington Post

Sonari Glinton, business desk reporter, NPR West bureau

Mitra Kalita, managing editor, Los Angeles Times

Andrew LaVallee, New York deputy bureau chief, The Wall Street Journal

Mara Leveritt, author and investigative crime reporter, Arkansas Times

Carrie Lozano, documentary filmmaker

Terry McCarthy, Emmy-winning reporter, formerly of TIME, ABC, CBS

Joan Ryan, New York Times best-selling author, former sports reporter

Kendall Taggart, investigative data reporter, BuzzFeed News

Stay tuned for more details on the book.

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