You’re writing a book?

“Need inspiration? Watch ‘All the President’s Men’ for the 15th time or instead savor a chapter from ‘In Other News: Reporters on Reporting.’ You’ll get the tonic you need to tackle your own Watergate.” — Linda Austin, veteran editor and journalism educator

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting

Self-publishing time. Yes, that’s right. A book for journalists about journalists is underway. My talented friend and former co-worker Rosie Downey and I are writing our debut book, which is expected to be released in February 2016.

Stephanie Forshee, Rosie Downey
Rosie and Stephanie “on assignment” last summer at the Brady Bunch home when we worked together at the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting will profile a dozen journalists and detail their careers, give a behind-the-scenes look at some of their work and provide advice for aspiring and/or working journalists. Each chapter will focus on a different reporter or editor and will be similar to the website you’re viewing right now, particularly this profile here of Pulitzer Prize winner Michael J. Berens.

Other journalists you’ll read about include author/journalist Mara Leveritt, sports journalist/best-selling author Joan Ryan, newly announced managing editor for the L.A. Times S. Mitra Kalita, Geoff Edgers of The Washington Post, Gilbert Bailon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and former war correspondent for TIME, ABC and CBS, Terry McCarthy.

 Rosie and I will be promoting the book this summer on Kickstarter, so expect updates and more details soon!
-Stephanie Forshee

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