Media Imitates Media

They say the media influences people. And maybe they’re right after all, because looking back at a few of my favorite movies and TV shows from a very young age, many of my favorite characters were reporters, or at least aspiring journalists.

Take, for instance, Beverly Hills 90210. Good ole Brandon Walsh was aggressive, passionate about his reporting and determined to write meaningful stories. Laugh if you must, but I’m all about finding inspiration – from wherever it may come. So, I’ll take it.

Then there are movies like For Keeps and Sleepless in Seattle where the main plot isn’t driven by journalism, per se, but the main characters are, in fact, journalists. So maybe those had some sort of impact on me.

Alright, enough, I’ve buried my lede down much too far. But my list is filled with unforgettable cinematic experiences in various newsroom settings.

My all time favorites are All the President’s Men, The Paper, State of Play and His Girl Friday. 

See what others are getting all sorts of buzz. Full disclosure: I have not seen Kill the Messenger yet (because it was not playing in Seattle last weekend), but I have been told by multiple on-the-record sources that I am going to love it! So it made the cut based on recommendations.

Am I missing any of your favorites? Let me know and I’ll add try to add it to the “Reader Picks.”

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– Stephanie Forshee

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