What’s It Gonna Be?

Welcome to my website, In Other News. What started as a book project has transformed into so much more. The goal of this website is to allow both aspiring and working journalists to have a place to visit and read stories about Reporters on Reporting.

When I first leapt into the lively world of journalism a few short (but seemingly long) years ago, like many, I searched libraries and bookstores for a guide to succeed in journalism. Guess what! I never found it. What I have found is the best people to learn from are our colleagues – journalistic peers who have lived and breathed a particular topic to the point of exhaustion, and in that time uncovered gems of stories that were consequently made available for the benefit of the general public.

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting unfolds a true collection of stories from influential journalists in various media platforms and news outlets – from national newspaper political coverage to entertainment journalism in a medium-sized market to hometown sports commentary.

Whether you’re a newsy newbie or a seasoned reporter just looking to switch your beat, you will get the scoop on each respective medium and the ever-changing profession of reporting as it adapts to keep pace with the countless technological developments.

By opening the channel of communication among all of us journalists, we can, not only learn from one another, but we as a unit can strengthen the field as we fight the flurry of oncoming bloggers who parade as self-proclaimed journalists.

And, let’s face it: Most reporters can’t sit still long enough to spend their entire career on only one topic. Somewhere down the line, they switch it up out of boredom and desire for change, or it might be unavoidable with a new job or position. As you age and work your way up as an established reporter, your resume can hopefully evidence a versatile journalist. So these stories should help transform your skill set to ensure you are as adaptable as possible.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Details about the project will unfold on this website, but I am planning to have some really exciting stories for your review by early 2014 (possibly sooner). Check back for updates.

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